With their tents and huts cramped next to each other, they hope for the violende to end: the children living in the huge refugee camp in nothern Iraq. As part of the project UN/HIDE we created spaces within the camp where the children and young adults can be free and creative. Spaces where they can rest and process, where they can dream and hope. Playgrounds in which they can discover their talents and run free.

An ARTHELPS team went to visit the refugees in their temporary homes to paint, dream, sing and dance with them.

There were almost no guidelines – the children could freely express themselves and were able to enunciate whatever they had on their minds.

To capture an emotion on a piece of paper is not just something that we us adults find difficult. But while deep in thought, the children living in the camp brought their most inner desires to live and painted guitars they wished for, their favorite pets and what it must be like to be able to fly.

Children. Dreams. Colours. Hope.

Together with the children we digitalised some of the symbols and drawings there and then in the camp. They are at the heart of the idea behind UN/HIDE. Every single one of the symbols represents one individual dream. 

Grouped together the symbols make up the UN/HIDE Camouflage-Design. At first it just looks like colourful patterns, but if you take a closer look you can spot the dreamy and expressive soul of the design.