Jule Waibel loves details. She spends hours on end sitting in front of her materials folding them. Corner on corner, piece by piece. The german designer completed her postgraduate degree in product deisgn at the Royal College of Art in London before setting up her own FOLDING FACTORY in the british capital. At her factory, she transforms ordinary flat squares made of all kinds of materials into dresses, objects or everyday things.

"Everyone should have the opportunity to evolve."

For our project UN/HIDE Jule Waibel created dynamic pieces of clothing using paper and fabric with the unique camouflage pattern. Young adults who are fleeing hatred and violence in their home countries presented the folded messages as part of a professional photoshoot infront of the camera.

To start with, they merge with the background, they are part of something whole. Unobtrusive and hardly visible. But gradually, the people, their destiny, memories, thoughts and dreams beging to be in the foreground. They show strength and are no longer hiding. They are visible. UN/HIDE.

We cross boarders, we dream, tinker and create. We are united by the feeling to be able to change something – in our own lives, our surroundings and piece by piece even in our society. We combine our strength for a better togetherness. Across boarders and at eye level.